Uttarakhand New Guidelines – No COVID-19 Test Report Needed
3 Oct 2020

Uttarakhand New Guidelines – No COVID-19 Test Report Needed

Post by Tejasv Sharma

With the effect of Coronavirus, the tourism industry has crashed badly and every state was shut to stop coronavirus spread. Uttarakhand, a state which is also known as ‘Dev Bhumi’ Land of God had levied the restrictions for anyone who is outside the state cannot enter without corona negative report and e-permit even in unlock phase.

But during unlock 4, the government of Uttarakhand has lifted the restrictions. Let’s see how much restrictions are lifted and made it easy for the tourist to enter and explore the place and if it is safe to travel in Uttarakhand or not.

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No COVID-19 Negative Report and E-permit Required

On the 23rd of September, the government of Uttarakhand did a big move for the tourist industry and lifted all travel restrictions. 

Earlier you have to carry special permits, COVID-19 negative report and e-permits for the inter-state travellers which are not required to carry along with you. 

Moreover, the government of the state has also lifted the compulsory 2-Day booking restriction for tourist, that means from now you no need to apply for compulsory days booking and can travel as per your need and demand.

According to new guidelines of Uttarakhand, every single person entering to the state will have to go through the thermal screen at entrance whether it be on airport, railway station, bus stand or if you are travelling by your own transport then you will be checked at the border check post. 

The guidelines also state that traveller or tourist who is entering the Uttarakhand will have to follow social distancing everywhere.

Tourist is required to wear a mask on public premises unless fine will charged if caught.

All the travellers and tourist who are coming should have Aarogya Setu App downloaded in your phone.

The Guideline further states that before entering the state, you need to register yourself on Dehradun Smart City Limited website so that the government will have the data of your entrance.

For all the Inbound people who are coming from high COVID-infected cities will have to stay seven days institutional and seven days home quarantine. The same rule applies to tourist from outside India as well. 

However, If COVID-19 test is done within 96 hours before arrival by the tourist then they will be exempted from quarantine. 

Earlier tourist has to book for at least 7 days which is now completely removed.

Who will be Quarantined?

Any tourist or traveller who is travelling for less than 7 days due to any reason can continue to conduct the business but need to monitor their health regularly. 

Travellers who are travelling for more than 7 days are required to be in-home quarantine for 10 days. 

Advice to Travellers

Those who are planning to explore Uttarakhand are requested not to travel if anything is really important. This will be safe for you and for the locals of the Uttarakhand from coronavirus. 

If still you are travelling then take care of social distancing, wear a mask and follow the safety guidelines by the Central and State government.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND?? 

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