Trip To Kasol, Tosh With Friends
22 Aug 2020

Trip To Kasol, Tosh With Friends

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Every group of friends plan a trip to Kasol or Goa. For us, this is a time for execution. A 3 Day Trip with Friends or we call us the 3 idiots visited Kasol, Manikaran and Tosh. The most amazing part is How we reached to Kasol, changing of plans, searching of Hotels, sleepless nights and rather than staying in Kasol, what we chose for stay? What are the adventures we did, the memories we made, craziest things we did and value of friendship we learned? You are going to enjoy the journey of 3 friends to Kasol, Manikaran and Tosh.

Day 1

We started our journey from Delhi to Kasol on 26th of October. At 7 p.m. we were out from home, got stuck in traffic for which Delhi is famous for. Somehow got space and we were on the route.
We were a group of 3 idiots started our journey with no such plans and preparations, but with an energy and excitement finally, we executed the trip. We drove the car whole night thereby reaching mandi at 4 a.m. in the morning to fill up our car. When I get out of the car I felt the weather is pretty cold, shivering but enjoying Pure air after so long.
As I’m a photography lover I don’t want to miss the sunrise and we make ourself able to reach Kasol in the morning. At 7:30 a.m. we parked our car in the free parking zone, don’t panic your car will be safe in Himachal as said by local.

Kasol, a place of Israelies I Personally found nothing special though we have welcomed with small mall road some food points for parathas and Maggi. With no such amazing view as we have thought we head on to a place or village named Chalal which is about 1-2km walking distance from Kasol. While crossing the jungle you will find various Home Stays, Tent Resorts, and Small hotels in the village.
After reaching Chalal, we took a room for ₹800 after bargaining for 3. Room was quite big with 2 queen-size bed. We were able to sleep comfortably, the view from our balcony was remarkable, the view of sunset between 2 mountains, clouds, forming colours in nature like it was magical, bole toh paisa vasul boss.
So as we were damn exhausted we decided to take rest and enjoy with surroundings for that day.

Day 2

With a comfortable cold night we wake up with a bang, a baby owl smacked on the window and fell down, the time was near to 7 in the morning I was little curious for the sun to rise and to take some shots. Sunrise was pretty beautiful from that place as the sun showed itself coming behind the mountains playing with colours of nature and mist covering the trees, smoke coming out from the hut made the whole scenario beautiful.
After taking a few pictures we got refreshed, did breakfast and we checked out the Chalal village. The way from Chalal to Kasol was so tiring and boring that we lost half of our energy just by trekking in the jungle. we got little upset because we were planning for kheer Ganga trek and want to save energy for that but we lost hope for it.

By the time we reached near to our car we were totally exhausted and cancelled the program for Kheer Ganga trek by voting. We have no plans further, we were in a dilemma of what to do, where to go so decided to reach Manikaran, will enjoy langar in Gurudwara and think about the next visit.
After the darshan and with mutual understanding, we decided to go to barsana and then if possible to tosh. We started our journey and in a midway finally, we decided to reach Tosh. We got trapped by the beauty of the snow-capped Himalayas covered with lush green forest contrasting beautiful blue sky capturing the whole scenario into my eyes I can still imagine it.

As nature is raw we find our road raw too, its bumpy, gravels on-road slows the speed of our car. It’s not ended yet, as we reached barsana, we were unaware of the off-road adventure that’s was going to start for tosh. About 1-2 km road condition was pathetic, sludges with small stone with steep inclination makes the car tyres slippery and was too difficult to overcome from it.
We were already exhausted, but we reached our destination to Tosh at 4:30 p.m., We parked our car in paid parking, and parking cost us ₹300 till 10 a.m. in the morning which is pretty high. But nature wants us to exercise more. After a long walk somehow we got a hotel at the end of a village, but with the best view, we can get in Tosh. That hotel cost us ₹600 per room and allowed us 3 to stay in the same room.  We were tired of walking and trekking but happy at the end that we got a perfect place to sleep n relax.
We did our dinner, had some conversations watching the stars, glaciers and ended our day. 

Day 3

A beautiful morning with a beautiful room view made our heart with full of joy, The view was incredible, we sat in the balcony, had our breakfast while watching the sunrise view and packed up to leave the place.
Our trip was not planned rather I prefer not to make planned trips, just u should know the essential basic things to carry and move on to explore.
Kasol and Tosh is a place known for smoking purposes but as we are non- smokers, we still enjoyed our trip very well, a 3-day trip will be remembered as how we made our trip adventurous by no plans with a cost of ₹5000 per person.

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