Tourist Department to develop Villages near Trekking Routes
24 Oct 2020

Tourist Department to develop Villages near Trekking Routes

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Nowadays, there is a massive increase in tourist or backpackers who are loving to trek more than going to tourist destinations. Between the route of the trek, many villages come which depicts the real Uttarakhand of times. 

Now the news is coming from the tourist department of Uttarakhand is that with an increase of tourists on trekking routes, the villages near to the trekking routes will be developed and sites as ‘trekking cluster’. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss whether its a good idea for the development of locals or can it harm the raw surroundings of trekking routes and nature at some point?

Development of Villages 

Another decision taken to increase tourism in the state, Uttarakhand tourism department has now decided to develop small villages which are near or come between to trekking routes. 

The first project will start from Chopta Village which is near to Tungnath Temple, the world’s highest situated temple of Lord Shiva. During the inspection of the place and work carried out in and around Tungnath for development purpose, Dilip Jawalkar, secretary of tourism, said that Chopta village will be developed as camping destination for tourist and for this proposals will be taken from divisional forest officer and district magistrate.

Scheme for Development 

Under the Trekking Traction Home-Stay Scheme, financial assistance of ₹60,000 per room will be given to locals for building new rooms in their houses to make the facility of Home-stay for tourist and ₹25,000 will be given for constructing new toilets with the rooms. 

Villages which are near to popular and important treks routes will be developed under an eye of tourist department as trekking clusters which will help tourists and trekkers to enjoy the place with all sort of facilities available in the villages and can stay in good shelter. 

Renovation of Tungnath Shrine 

Tungnath temple is said to be world’s highest temple for Lord Shiva situated at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level. The 5 km trek from Chopta to the temple offers an amazing view and is surrounded by lush green alpine meadows. 

Dilip Jawalkar, secretary of tourism said that the Tungnath temple is very old and they have requested the Archaeological Survey of India to help get the temple Renovated. He also said that they are ensuring the route to the temple to be more accessible so that more tourist can visit the place and the employment opportunities will be increased for locals.

What it brings to Local and Nature 

It’s a great initiative done by the tourist department as it will give employment to the locals, will develop the villages and will help tourist and trekkers to provide facilities and home-stays to them. However, for now, this is going to be really beneficial for locals, tourist and obviously nature. 

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