Top 10 Freelance Website To Find Online Jobs
27 Aug 2020

Top 10 Freelance Website To Find Online Jobs

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Due to COVID-19, many people related to marketing or IT fields are working from home ( WFH ), many left their jobs or been fired by their company and started working as a freelancer. Also if you are working as a freelancer, you probably know how difficult is to find a job in this pandemic. However, I have listed some of the websites which can actually help to find your favourite job. You can even tap on the name to check the website.

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Top 10 Freelance Websites


One of the best websites where you can kickstart your journey as a freelancer. It offers many tools that will help you to get featured more precisely in an eye of Employer and collaborations from big companies like Microsoft.


The second best website on which I can rely to work as a freelancer. It offers a great tool that shows your finished projects, saves the time of the employer to choose the person according to their interest in creativity. It also offers a free Online course for self-improvement in your field.


When you sign up on this website, you enter one of the biggest community of freelancers. More than 3 million freelancers are in search of the various job such as Digital Marketing, web development, graphic creations and so on.


Toptal is a freelance website which focuses on creative, work-oriented, highly qualified freelancer. It promises companies they can hire top 3% freelancers around the globe and pays higher than any other websites available. If you are hardworking and love your work then this website is for you.


One of the oldest and trustworthy website launched in 2003, best for beginner freelancer to start and earn. After taking over vWorker and Scriptlance ( two big freelancing marketplaces), it becomes the biggest marketplace with more than 32 billion registered users and 15 million jobs available.

6. PeoplePerHour

The best thing of the website is it gives you rating as per your work performance that increases your credibility for bigger projects. Due to challenging Competition, you have to be very specific on the amount you charge to survive in the market and get hired. This website is best for web developers, social media, business development, content writing etc.


Apart from building your network and sharing the information on post jobs, LinkedIn also offers a platform to freelancers mainly in marketing. You will be called a Profinder when you sign up as a freelancer. It tends to be costlier than other freelancing websites but provides quality work.


With over 50 various careers jobs at one platform, Flexjob gives you the liberty to find jobs to your need whether freelance, real remote or part-time jobs. You have to pay for the subscription i.e ﹩14.95/ month, ﹩29.95/ Quarterly and ﹩49.95/ Year for unlimited access.


The biggest advantage of this freelancing website is that you can find a lot of part-time jobs or work from home jobs near to your place, you can search a job related to your field and can improve your skills from there blogs.


A free website for freelancers offers an easy platform for part-time and full-time jobs at a nearby location or international location. It also offers a location Specific listing feature so that a freelancer can find a job according to his need and place.

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