Top 10 things You Cannot Forget While Trekking?
15 Sep 2020

Top 10 things You Cannot Forget While Trekking?

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Due to coronavirus pandemic, many of us want to travel, trek and breath the fresh air. If you are a backpacker or traveller who loves trekking then you must have forgotten something which is actually important while trekking. Either it could be head torch or walking pole or some of us are unaware of trekking shoes, it could be anything.
Today, people (mostly youngster) loves to trek more and explore places but with lack of knowledge, they suffer from lack of equipment and other necessary things.
To make your Trekking experience comfortable and easy, in this blog I’m going to tell you what are the things you must carry before going for a trek.

You can Trek Fast If you have the Right Shoes

The most important thing that you must take care of while trekking is wearing the right shoe.
If you are going for a trek, you must carry waterproof trekking shoes which have a good grip. You can wear sports shoes till base camp but you have to change thereafter to trek.

Backpacks and Rain-cover

Most of us do the mistake taking the wrong sized bag, but we should know which sized bad we should carry for which trek.
First of all, before going for a trek, check whether you need Ruskbag or you can go with a normal bag that has a strap on some pockets on it, all depends on days you travel.
To my concern, if you are looking for a backpack for trekking purpose then buy at least 50-60 litres of the backpack.
Always carry rain cover that can help save your clothes and equipment in your bag so don’t miss it out.

Medical kit Is Mandatory

Always carry your personal medical kit with you, which you know and prescribed by your doctor. Apart from this, there are some medicines that are common while trekking is:
For Fever – Crocin ( at least 6 tabs )
Band-aids – 6-10 strips
Pain killer – Combiflam ( at least 4 )
Headache – Saridon ( at least 6 )
For High Altitude Areas – Diamox ( at-least 6 )
For Travel Sickness – Vomistop ( at-least 6 )
For anti-allergy – Cetrizine cv ( at-least 6 )
and other regal medicines you always carry for you like antiseptic cream, volini spray etc.

Things You Must Have In Trekking Kit

1. You can carry water bottle whichever is easier for you either thermos bottle or normal plastic bottle.

2. You must have a head torch with you so that you will have no problem trekking at night.

3. You should carry a trekking/hiking pole by which you can get support while trekking.

4. You must carry some energy bars, chocolates, toffees and milk powder so that you can get energy while you trek.

5. As you will not find any restaurant in the jungle so always carry light readymade food with you like Poha, Upma, Soups, Oats etc.

6. You can carry a small bag ( not more than 20 litres) so that you don’t need to carry the whole luggage for a small day trek.

7. If you are trekking in the snowy Himalayas then you should good thermals inners, waterproof and windproof jacket, trekking pants and pair of cotton socks.

8. Must carry Toilet paper, Sanitizer, personal toilet kit, toothbrush and paste.
Lip-balm, anti-funeral cream, cold cream, sunscreen lotion ( SPF 40+ ).

9. Apart from this, you must carry your Identity card and photocopies so that in unwanted situations you will be recognizable.
Rest pick all these things in your checklist and enjoy your trekking safely.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND ??

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