Top 10 Food to Carry When You Travel In Pandemic
26 Aug 2020

Top 10 Food to Carry When You Travel In Pandemic

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Those were the days when we used to travel freely without any mask breathing fresh air, exploring places, meeting locals and communicate with them, eat anything either it’s from fine-dine or highway side dhaba’s. 

Due to COVID-19, now every traveller is so conscious that he has to think twice before executing his travel checklist. 

Let’s assume we packed our bags, picked up the keys and we are all set to start our journey to visit some of our dream places. But the next biggest issue will come is for food.

There is no guarantee of the outside food you eat, whom all are sitting nearby, who is serving the food and we all have been familiar about the hygiene of food in India then what’s the guarantee of the person who is making the food or his team helping him? 

So to come in less contact with people and outside served food, What is simple and easy to make Food we can carry while travelling in India.

1. Fruits

One of the best food you must have while travelling. fruits are one of the safest food that you can have which is available wherever you go. Try to have seasonal fruit, wash it properly and eat. It’s easy to digest and gives you the energy to fight with the Virus. As they are perishable food so they should be consumed in a given time as suggested by the shopkeeper or your own knowledge on fruit.

2. Roti 

Mostly Indians carry Roti with some achar or aloo ki sabzi (Potato Dish ), roll it and eat, doesn’t matter if they are travelling by train, car, bus or aeroplane, you will find roti with their favourite add on’s, isn’t it? 

So Roti is the best source of energy that you need while travelling and easy to carry

3. Puri

We Indians are a big foodie and loves to eat oily and spicy food. Like Roti in the same case, we can carry Puri with your favourite add-ons. At first what you can do is, use milk instead of water while making dough so you can have it for almost 3 days without any issue if packed properly. 

4. Kachori

Foodies like me can die for kachori when travelling and will be in heaven if we get ‘ Garma garam aloo ki sabzi’ with it. Matar Kachori is small, easy to make, easy to carry and you can have it with tomato ketchup or green chutney whichever is easier for you to carry.

I will not say that it’s healthy but you can bring taste to your life. It will be best if you eat homemade Kachori and you can have it for almost 4 days. So enjoy your Kachori.

5. Achar 

Achar Plays Crucial role from the wedding of a person to share while travelling by train. It can fulfil the need of sabzi or curry and it is easy to carry. You can choose a wide variety of Achar and can have it with roti, puri, khakra and other food you love to have with it.

6. Energy Gainer

 You should carry mix seed or wholegrain mixtures and is easily available in the market. One brand named Yoga Bar offers a meal for one packet which is easy and light to carry. Whenever you feel low, pop some in your mouth and get your energy back like a Popeye, the sailor man.

7. Bread

One of the best easily available food item you can have while travelling. You can eat with n number of things either toasted or without toasted. Most of us love to take Bread butter and Bread Jam while travelling. 

8. Readymade Packed food

Big brands like Haldiram, MTR etc are already in the business of serving packed food which is even very good in taste can be carried while travelling, For this, you just need a microwave or boiling water dip the packet and enjoy your food in 2 mins.

Some of the packed items I can figure for you are, Haldiram packed Rajma Chawal, Chole Chawal etc.

9. Instant Noodles/ Poha/ Upma

There might any guy who loves travelling and haven’t eaten Maggi. We Indian have extra love for Maggi, whenever we see the option we eat it. Likewise, we can also carry MTR Poha/Upma, just add some hot boiling water to it and it will be ready to serve in 2 mins.

So before leaving for a trip you can put the instant noodle in your bag and enjoy your travelling.

10. Must-Have ADD-ON’s/ Snacks

Some food add-on’s I always keep when I travel and I can say, it must be in your bag while travelling.

You must have small Coffee Powder packets, Sugar sachets, Oregano’s, Chilli Flakes, Powder Milk, Biscuits, Toffees, Chocolates, Black Grams ( kale chane ), etc.

In namkeen you can have Matthi, Khakhra, Besan Papdi, Thepla, Puran Poli and other packed nankeens.

You can also carry Mayonnaise, jam depending on the weather where you are travelling.

At last in this pandemic time, travel only if it’s essential unless try to avoid and stay at home. If you are travelling, you can carry my mentioned Food which will be great for you and your taste.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND

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