The First-Ever Trip to Amritsar
10 Sep 2020

The First-Ever Trip to Amritsar

Post by Tejasv Sharma

As to my though, everyone’s trip is preplanned, setting up the bags and travel accordingly. But to my life my trip is nothing like preplanned, I always think and execute with what you can arrange for that particular time. So I and my new friend Himanshu got a thought to plan for Amritsar and will be out in 10 mins.
So I’m gonna tell you my travel story of Amritsar, How we made the plan, what we did in 2-day trip and how we the trip cost us.

Before Execution of the plan

I’m a travelholic person who loves to travel and learn from the place where I’m travelling. It was almost 4 months I travelled somewhere and as I have joined an IELTS class in British Council ( don’t think I’m promoting ), I have met with a guy who loves to travel with silent personality and sophisticated and from there we started our friendship.
After the completion of our course, in an evening we were sitting in our home talking about something, meanwhile, we got an idea to travel. In 10 mins we decided to travel Amritsar and next 15 mins we were ready with our bags and he was waiting for me in his car outside my home.

The Journey Starts

We started our journey on 4th of August’2017 at 8 in the evening, my parents were little concerned as I have never gone like that, but with positive hope, they allowed us and we were bang on plan.
We were only 2, we got stuck for about 1/2 an hour in the traffic for which Delhi is famous for. We crossed the border and after 1 hour of driving, we stopped for dinner.
That night was full of excitement, little sleepy but enjoying the night drive.

The Next Day

With a long night drive of about 9 hours, at last, we reached Amritsar at 4 in the morning. As Google Maps got confused and made us see the whole city (sometimes Technology pays with you ), somehow we got the right way directed by the locals.
It was around 6 in the morning, we parked our car at the authorized parking area and picked our bags for the search of hotels.
Our Internet was not working so we found some local agents who showed us the best hotels we can ever get ( Sarcastically ). With our own research, we got a hotel for ₹1600 per night. The room was fantastic and the hotel was near to the Golden Temple.
We then got a breath and rested for 3 hours. We woke up, had our breakfast and start making plans of what to explore?

Our Plans for the Day

We first went to the golden temple, the temple has some different energy in air I felt, we took the blessings of Wahe Guruji and went to Jallianwala Bagh. I was feeling the place like what had happened at that time, the bullets on the walls made me imagine the scenario of that time.
It was already afternoon and we missed the ticket for Wagah Border. I actually wanted to see but bad luck I missed the bus.
We didn’t find anything excited so decided to go back to our hotel and rest. For dinner, we went to a very famous dhaba named Kesar Da Dhaba ( More than 100-year-old dhaba ).
Thought we got amazing authentic food but it went opposite.

I have never had dal full of ghee like Punjabi loves to eat, but that I have seen myself that I can’t have that food. After a great dinner, we left back to our hotels and sleep.
Next morning we retook the blessings and start our drive back to our home.
The trip cost us ₹4000 per person, we reached around 8 in the evening and with lots of memories and we completed our beautiful journey.

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