The Climax Day at Dalhousie Trip with Best Friend |Part 2
24 Sep 2020

The Climax Day at Dalhousie Trip with Best Friend |Part 2

Post by Tejasv Sharma

What a beautiful day it could be, if you and your best friend is chilling in mountains, doing anything and enjoying the time together. I have already told about making of plans and how we started the journey but every story become interesting of we read from the start. For this, you need to read the Part-1 of my story.

Summarizing little from Part-1 of my story, Me and my best friend started the journey from Delhi and were out from the house after making the plan on the spot, we made a halt in Ludhiana to have a fresh start next day for Dalhousie. We reached at 11 AM at Zostel, checked in and now another part of the story begins.

The First Day In Dalhousie

We reached Dalhousie at 11 AM, the day was sunny yet with a cold breeze, we were enjoying the place, breathing the fresh air, checking the property and we were happy we actually made the trip.

Everyone knows what your friend can do and how this animal can think. My friend is a leech for Hookah, just after placing the bag in the room, he took no time to start a hookah.

The time was so beautiful that we captured the corner of the balcony and were enjoying the exceptional view of snow-capped Himalayas with Hookah and Maggi.

The whole day we enjoyed in Zostel, communicating with travellers, taking knowledge of the place, asking for next day plan we can do in Dalhousie, the day ends with playing the guitar and we went to sleep.

2nd Day- The Climax Day

I’m a big nature lover and loves to take landscape shots, I woke up at 5 AM and I kick my friend’s ass and made him ready for a nature walk.

After walking a few steps we got a point to shoot for sunrise. The Morning was so beautiful, birds were chirping, wind creating the sound while crossing the trees, the magical colours on the sky before the sun to rise was phenomenal and freshness in the air made my day. The Sunrise was breath-taking, the golden rays coming on the snow-capped Himalayas took my heart away.

We clicked some shots and went back to Zostel. It was around 7 in the morning and he again lit his hookah and started puffing. The feeling was at a different level, something which we never did before. We then had our breakfast and started planning what to do next. We met with 2 other guys and decided to check out Panchpula Waterfall.

If I tell you, Panchpula Waterfall is a joke if we say it’s a waterfall. The waterfall is tiny, but the surrounding is beautiful and you will get Shiva cafe to have some snacks and chill out. 

Here’s the climax begin.

After coming from the waterfall, we got to know that Zostel is organizing two plans, one is paragliding at Khajjiar and the other plan was Kalatop Trek. 

We both were super excited but with different plans. He wanted to do paragliding and I wanted to trek and explore the hill station. Like we are boys and we don’t fight like girls but we argued first, then we started convincing each other when this technique was not happening, then we started emotional blackmailing each other.

We both were blackmailing with same words ‘ Bro you go, I will stay here and manage, you do your trek’ Sanyam said and vice-versa I was blackmailing to him as well.

At last, when we lost the battle of blackmailing, we gave priority to our bond and decided to chill at the property and chit chat with people.
That day we got some amazing friends, we got 3 cool guys who came on a solo trip, one was data scientist, the second was exploring India for one month and the third person came just to get out from busy life. We were having dinner at the dining area with our new friends and we got a new plan for the next day.

What was the plan that we will gonna discuss on the 3rd part of our story, a plan which made me feel like dreams come true. A place where I always wish to visit but never thought that next morning I was actually going. 

If you know my dream place then do let me know on the comments section down below or on my Insta page- exloring_sky

Till then stay tuned for my next part of my travel story. Your Tejasv Sharma signing Off

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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