The Benefits of Magical Herb- Giloy
18 Sep 2020

The Benefits of Magical Herb- Giloy

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Giloy, A herb which is called Amrita in Ayurveda that has been used in India for ages. I’m somehow thankful to Corona that now Giloy plant is getting its importance in the market.
A super supplement which has a capability to even cure chronic diseases is now being consumed by people just to save themself from the corona.
I’m not scaring you but a bitter truth of the juice of this plant is when you have it, you will be enjoying the taste of the juice ( it’s a sarcasm ), even a bitter melon juice seems like sweet.
The juice was tested on me, to inspire my cousin who was ill and I have to smile after drinking it. Next Level Torture but with a smile ( LOL ).
So for the last 5 years, my whole family is consuming it and I can assure you it will actually give you a result.
In this blog I’m going to tell you about the benefits of Giloy, what is the right time to take it and my own experience I felt in my body.

How to Consume Giloy?

Giloy ( Tinospora Cordifolia ) can be consumed in many ways:

Natural process
This is the most recommended technique of consuming Giloy.
Take a stem of Giloy put it in a Pan, add water to it and cover it by the lid. Remember you have to boil till the water left half, I mean if you are adding 1 litre of water, then it should be left by 500ml. After that, cool it down to normal and you can drink at least 50-100ml of it.

Tablet / Powder
If you can’t drink it then you can take tablets and powder of Giloy. The result will come slowly but it will surely come. As directed by a physician you can take one or two tablets a day.

Readymade Giloy Juice
I prefer the liquid more than tablet or powder, as the liquid directly mixed up with the blood and give you the result much quicker.
Usually as directed by a doctor, take 30ml shot twice a day but I recommend if you are not sick then you can take 30ML once in the morning empty stomach, make a gap of at least 45 mins before taking anything.
Readymade Giloy Juice is easily available in the market and some brands are selling really good Juice. You can choose a brand like Patanjali, Axiom, Karamveer Swaras.

Why You Should Drink Giloy?

Giloy is not just a herb but its more a magic plant and that can make you healthy from inside.

1. Giloy can help you lose your weight. It increases the metabolism rate thus helps in weight management.

2. It can even cure Chronic Fever, by consuming it without a break will help get rid of recurrent fever. I got a fever only once in 5 yrs.

3. Drinking Giloy juice daily in the morning helps you reduce the high level of blood sugar. After consuming it my mother’s blood sugar level comes to normal and now it’s not fluctuating like before.

4. Giloy can improve vision. It is applied to the eyes to increase visual clarity in several parts of India.

5. Giloy has anti-ageing properties that help reduce dark spots, lines, wrinkles and even removes pimples.

6. For old people, Giloy can help treat Arthritis as it contains anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Giloy is such a supplement which can also reduce anxiety and stress. It can calm you down, get rid of toxins, boost the memory and even cure a cold, cough as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

There are countless benefits of Giloy that will help you live a healthy life. So start consuming Giloy juice from today and see the changes in you in a month.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, JAI HIND??

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