Should You Wait and Buy Kia Sonet?
31 Aug 2020

Should You Wait and Buy Kia Sonet?

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Are you looking for feature full mini SUV car for you and your family? Are waiting for Kia Sonet to flaunt in your society? Do you see this car a perfect value for money? Will you trust this brand on part of service and after-sales value? If you think like me before purchasing any car then some of my points will help you think about Brand Kia and there arriving cars. We’ll gonna discuss every single point on brand, features, public review, car reviewer etc and we’ll see whether you should wait and buy Kia Sonet or go out other cars.

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Kia brand is coming up with the most awaited car of 2020 for people who don’t want a big car and want the same like features in a Sub-4m segment which is even pocket friendly and compact. If I say about Sonet, this car is fully loaded with features, muscular look and amazing engine option available according to the customer’s need and pocket. I will take up the full specification of the car in my next blog, this blog is to clear your thoughts about the car and should you wait and look for it or not.

Most likely Kia Sonet will launch on Mid-September this year and Kia has already started booking for ₹25000. This car can be launched at the price starting from 7 lakhs to 12 lakhs approx. in India. What I think is should we go Kia brand for now?

Well, Kia entered the Indian Market last year with there first car Kia Seltos which is a big hit in Indian car market till date but with this General Public who bought the car is also facing certain issues regarding service and quality of the car. You can search on youtube and you will get the full details on it.

What to look before purchasing Kia Sonet?

Well, if I think about purchasing this car as public then definitely at one side I will see, this car is giving features and looks which you will not get in any sub-4m segment at this price point and on the other side, I will see the customer view on Seltos coz this car is yet to be launched. Only the owner of the car can tell the real feedback of the company and how much they are satisfied with the service.

If you have lots of cash with you then blindly go for this car as no car will offer such features, looks and engine like this, But if you have hard-earned money and want to invest in a car for your family then wait and let the car launch. Watch the videos of car reviewers, check the feedback of the public on this car and then you can invest in it peacefully. Your money is crucial for you and for the nation so spend wisely.


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