New Guideline for Tourist to Travel Spiti Valley
26 Sep 2020

New Guideline for Tourist to Travel Spiti Valley

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Spiti Valley is a place which is not less than a heaven on Earth, has been counted as one of the most dangerous roads, has a highest situated petrol pump and post office in the world with beautiful lakes, high altitude area covered with mighty snow-capped Himalayas and extreme geographical situation especially in winters.

Travellers who’ve steel of balls love to explore this place as it’ not easy here to travel. You should be physically and mentally fit to travel Spiti Valley.

So in this blog, I have come up with some news related to this place and the decision of tourism society really justify the local of Spiti.

Spiti valley will remain shut

On 16th of September, the news comes up from Spiti Tourism Society confirming that the travellers and tourist who are planning to visit Spiti Valley will remain shut for any kind of tourism activity for this year 2020, specifically till 31st, October 2020.

Tourism activity like trekking, camping, jeep safari and package tours will not be allowed for this year. The decision is made considering the Coronavirus pandemic on the high altitude region of Spiti Valley which has a limited medical facility, extreme geographical conditions and underdeveloped infrastructure with extreme winters.

The society also said that it will get even more difficult to provide a medical facility in the region and need to be taken outside Spiti for treatment and maintaining social distancing in extreme cold is really challenging and moreover is not possible.

The Spiti Tourism Society has also confirmed that the decision is made after multiple meeting with hoteliers, homestay owners, guides, travel associates, panchayat representation, Local committee (CPMSD) which is made by villagers to fight Covid-19 challenges and others who are related to travel industry to keep Spiti and tourist safe.

Right now the valley has no single case of corona in the local community hence, the closing down of Spiti Valley is a right decision taken by the society. 

The society also said that the decision of shutting down tourism is difficult as the valley completely depends on tourism and the valley cannot afford to get exposed to this pandemic before the winter arrives. 

So, a great initiative was done by Spiti Tourism Society for the people of valley and tourist and I request to the traveller not to get disappointed and think for the locals and postpone your plan to travel Spiti Valley till the situation gets normal.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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