How to Travel and Explore Places in India?
27 Oct 2020

How to Travel and Explore Places in India?

Post by Tejasv Sharma

If you love travelling and crazy to explore your dream destinations then you should also know how to explore places. What are the things you should keep in mind, and how you can make your trip memorable and exciting?
Travelling and exploring places doesn’t mean just you like the place and you leave the house without proper planning and arrangements.
In this blog, if you love travelling and want to explore the place in a deeper and better way then you must remember the things you should carry while travelling and make your trip memorable.

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Communicate with Locals

If you are travelling in India then communicating with local will help you save your time and can explore the place in a much better way. When I travel, I try to communicate with local a lot as they guide me the hidden things or fact and sometimes they guide me the hidden place which is beautiful and unknown amongst tourist and travellers.

Try to mix with place

While travelling and exploring, it’s one of the most important points to get mix with the culture and tradition of the place. This is something you are going out from your routine, you can enjoy different culture and traditions, try to join their festival like Garba nights in Gujarat during Navratri and many more.

Eat Local Food

You will regret it if you will not taste the real spice of the place. The local food of the place is one of the most amazing things you should never miss as the spices tell you about what the people of that place love to eat whether they spicy food or not.
Always try to eat the special local food of that place like Rajasthani traditional dishes or Rasgulla of Kolkata which will make you one step closer to connect with the place.

Key points of the place you should never miss

India is such a country where every sort of places whether it’s a plain or beaches or the mighty Himalayas. Every destination has it’s a key point to iconic views, eat, sunrise and sunset. Try to ask local and never miss the place for which its famous for.

Tejasv Sharma Blog

Things to remember

1. Always carry some cash with you remember to spit in various places of your backpack. Though India is improving in digital payments having cash in hand is very important in India.
2. Always carry sunscreen, sunglasses, sufficient cloths depends on the weather, a small backpack for day travel and debit or credit card.
3. Never miss carrying your Identity card with you. Your identity whether it is license or passport, you can never miss it.
4. In this pandemic, don’t forget to carry mask, sanitizer and maintain social distancing at the place.
5. Never miss the local market, random unknown places and street food of the place because this will tell you the reality of the place.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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