How to be safe from the Corona Virus? Do’s and Don’t
25 Sep 2020

How to be safe from the Corona Virus? Do’s and Don’t

Post by Tejasv Sharma

As we all know Corona Virus has crashed the market all over the world. Every county is worried due to Covid-19, the vaccine is still not discovered, people are dying and we still don’t know how to control the virus.

Till today the Corona cases has reached over 31 million in the world and more than 5.5 million in India. Out of which about 1 million people have lost their lives worldwide and in India it’s about to touch 1 lakh soon.

As per the latest report issued by the US government, the virus can even spread in the air and we have no dedicated vaccine to fight with this virus. So in this blog, I’m going to tell you how you can stay safe and what measures you can take to prevent you and your family from Coronavirus. 

Use Sanitizer of more than 70% Alchohol

As per the guidelines and directions, you should regularly clean your hands with sanitizer which contain more than 70% of alcohol and thoroughly wash your hand with soap and water.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Try to avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose, as we touch many things with our hands and can pick up viruses. Eyes, mouth and nose are the easiest way to enter the virus in your body.

Avoid Crowded Areas

In India, now the government have opened everything to set up the economy again which is actually important for India to run, but try to avoid going to crowded places. Going to Crowded place like a market, you are more likely to come into contact with the virus or infected person and its even difficult to follow social distancing in a crowded place.

Follow Social Distancing

It’s very difficult to make awareness in India because Awareness come from beneath and fear. Nowadays due to good recovery of India, we people are actually losing the norms of social distancing.

We cannot take this virus lightly and should maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet).

Be aware of less common Symptoms

If you see any less common symptoms like headache, cough, mild fever, sore throat, diarrhoea, aches and pain, conjunctivitis loss of taste and smell, then stay at home and isolate yourself until you recover. This is necessary for your family safety. 

Why wearing Mask is Important?

This is very important to follow the guidelines, issued by the government and WHO. Most of us avoid to wear a mask but by doing the, we are giving an open invitation to the virus to spread and infect us.

Wearing the mask can prevent us from the virus the people around you. Change the mask when you cough or sneeze immediately and wash your hands coz droplets spread Virus.

Take care of these measures and live healthily and make your people and surrounding more aware.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??.

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