How To Be Hydrated While Travelling?
8 Sep 2020

How To Be Hydrated While Travelling?

Post by Tejasv Sharma

There are so many things we face while travelling but we never discuss or never took it seriously. How much we are aware of our Hydration when travelling? How you can be hydrated while travelling? How you can save yourself from getting sick? What measures we should take to stay hydrated and make our trip amazing and healthy.
In India, we come almost last in ranking in terms of clean and drinkable water. India counts only 4% of fresh water in the world from which we have to fulfil the need for water consumption to over 1.3 billion people and rest 70% of water is contaminated.
In this blog, I’m going to discuss the importance of Hydration needed while travelling and how you can make you trip memorable, safe and body Hydrated.

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Drink trusted Bottled water

As most of our water is contaminated in India, so I recommend rather drinking water from the tap or from roadside water coolers while travelling, you should be very careful and always carry 2 bottles of water in your bag.
By having bottled mineral water you can reduce the chances of getting sick while travelling and enjoy your journey.
Some brands If I recommend are Bisleri, Aquafina, Catch, Kinley, rest other local brands are not trustworthy.

Coconut Water is best

Most of the Indian region is extremely hot and dry. Like if you wish to travel to beaches like Goa, from March to mid-October you will be roasted by the sun. The weather is that hot and humid and you will be dehydrated very easily.
For that whenever you are travelling and see coconut without wasting your time, go and drink. coconut water contains lots of minerals which will help you from getting dehydration.

Always keep Glucose/ Electrolytes

Whenever you are travelling you should always keep small sachets of glucose or electrolytes with you to stay hydrated.
You can also have coke to beat the scorching heat but I would recommend rather taking carbonated water, you should go for Glucose.
Some brands for glucose are Rasna, Tang, Gucone-D and you can also take Electrol as the electrolyte.

Always Remember

1. Try to avoid roadside juices as they always get in contact with dust and is extremely unhealthy for you rather search for any shop or Dhaba and take seal packed juices and do not forget to check the expiry.

2. Try to avoid Ice in the drink as nobody knows from which quality of water they are making Ice, so for the safer side take a chilled drink instead.

3. Try to avoid carbonated water or we call soda while travelling as carbonated water will not satisfy your thirst and even makes you more thirty soon, so switch to glucose and juices.

4. You can take any hot beverage from anywhere while travelling as most of the bacterias got killed while boiling the water and it’s safe to have hot tea or coffee.

5. If you take care of your hydration and health you will enjoy more while travelling. So stay safe from Covid-19, wear a mask and be aware of contaminated water.

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