How Haldi (Turmeric) is a Powerful Immunity Booster?
16 Oct 2020

How Haldi (Turmeric) is a Powerful Immunity Booster?

Post by Tejasv Sharma

In India, Haldi or Turmeric is termed as the most powerful spice of all other spices. This spice is in use of every household since ages. Haldi is such a magical spice which has so many benefits like in every Indian household, we use turmeric in integral spice box or in remedy or as a beauty product and we use it in other different ways.
Haldi or Turmeric is one of the oldest spice which has been used in Asia for thousands of years. Haldi has a special compound called Curcumin which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and also can be said dynamite of antioxidants.
In this blog, we are going to see how we can say Haldi is a powerful booster, and how it can boost your immunity in this coronavirus pandemic.

Control Infections

Haldi has special capabilities due to the compound called Curcumin which is also responsible for the yellow colour in Haldi, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties which helps in healing faster and saves you from any infections in your body.
Haldi is most commonly used in diseases like chickenpox, cold, cough, conjunctivitis, urinary based infections etc. The less you be caught by infection, the more you will be safe from coronavirus.

Effective in Diabetes

Nowadays, many people are getting diagnosed with diabetes type-2 due to improper diet, stress and busy schedule. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the compound Curcumin which helps in controlling Type 2 Diabetes, moderating the insulin level and improve the effect of medication that treats diabetes. If your medication is strong then you must consult your doctor first for this spice.

Immunity Booster

Turmeric is such a magical spice for your life that can make your life healthier and better. This amazing spice has a substance called Lipopolysaccharide that has anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agents which will boost your immunity level and save you from the risk of COVID-19 to an extent.

Healthy Liver

Your every body organ plays an important role in boosting your immune system and Liver is one of the main organs to boost immunity. Though we are not going deeper into the Liver factors, if you want to detox your liver, Haldi has a quality to increase the vital enzymes that detoxify your blood in the liver and reduce the toxins.

Aids In Digestion

How will you get immunity if your food is not properly Digested? Digestion has the most important role in boosting your immunity and in this Haldi can help you. Turmeric can help you reduce symptoms of boasting and gas which can improve your digestive system and thus improve your immunity.

My Thoughts on Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice which is easily available, has so many benefits and can help you in boosting your immunity. You can take a pinch of Haldi, mix it with hot milk and drink it two hours before sleep.
As this information is provided on the as-is basis but you should drink Haldi Milk to be safe from coronavirus to an extent.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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