Hotels are set to Reopen in Himachal Pradesh
10 Oct 2020

Hotels are set to Reopen in Himachal Pradesh

Post by Tejasv Sharma

In this pandemic, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and all other tourist States suffered a lot due to COVID-19. It’s almost 7 months and still, no proper vaccination has been discovered. India has touched 8 million cases of coronavirus till date and its keep on increasing.
After all, it’s impossible to levy lockdown for a longer period as it straight away affects the economy in India and the employment of people. So the government has started the unlock phases every month to lift restrictions slowly and steadily.
In this October the unlock 5 has been started and lots of restrictions are lifted. With this, we have good news for the travellers and tourist who want to visit and explore Himachal can now travel freely.

Kullu-Manali is now Open

After a break of seven months, we can now travel to Manali as the hotels in Kullu and Manali reopened on October 1.
The Hoteliers association Kullu-Manali has taken the decision earlier to keep the properties closed till September 30 which is now lifted from October 1 although the Himachal Pradesh government had lifted the ban on entry of tourist within the state borders and along with it now no COVID-19 negative report, no e-permits, no E-registration is required.

Anup Thakur, president of Hoteliers Association Kullu-Manali, told the reason behind the delay in reopening the hotels was their demand for proper and basic infrastructure for COVID testing facilities and development of a COVID-19 care centre in Manali.
He also stated that for now, only 50% of the hotels have reopened on October 1, and the remaining hotels will be reopened soon with the care of COVID-19 facilities.
Anup Thakur also said that the inquiries for hotel bookings are pouring in after the government of the state reopened for the travellers.

Since winters are approaching and with this, Kullu-Manali which is the most popular destination amongst tourist and after the opening of Atal tunnel, this place has become even more tourist attraction and travellers will be hitting this place with bookings, so the government have to be very prepared with the arrangements of bookings and corona testing amenities.

My Thought

As we all know that everyday cases of coronavirus are increase and with the increase, it’s also risky for the tourist and local of Himachal Pradesh to run the tourism industry.
Nowadays everyone is fed up sitting at home and everyone is rushing to mountains. Right now every tourist destination is fully packed and you need to make a prior booking if you want to travel in the Himalayas.
Regardless of this, I will advise to hold your trip for some time, let the people travel first who have already done a booking unless it will very risky to explore the beauty in the crowd due to coronavirus.
If you are travelling, then always make a social distancing, wear a mask and try to avoid the crowd. It will be best for you to travel in safety.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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