Factors You Can’t-Miss While Drinking Water
11 Sep 2020

Factors You Can’t-Miss While Drinking Water

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Many of us actually don’t bother about drinking water. We never think, whether we should drink just after our meal or after a workout or not. Many of our misguided with the fact that we should drink as many as we can without focusing on the need of our body.
By the improper intake of water, we can get many diseases related to kidney, blood thickening, arthritis and many more. We know all the facts but we never think out executing it.
So, in this blog, I’m going to tell you the right way to drink water, when and how much you should drink for your healthy and hydrated body.

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Drink as per your Needs

Our body has about 70% water and accordingly, we should intake enough water that fulfils the body demands.
As per National Academy of Medicines ( NAM ), the water intake of Men should be 125 ounces ( 3,700 ml) and for women, it should be 90 ounces ( 2700 ml ) on a daily basis. But is it necessary for everyone?
Well, everyone is different in this world, the body structure is different, water consumption is different, so why not to take as per our body demands?
It enough if you consume 8 glasses of water a day or 2000ml. So do not stress and make a schedule of drinking water as per your body demands.

Sit Before You Drink Water

How many of us do this? Probably few of us know that we should drink water while sitting, but with the lack of time or any other excuse, we more prefer to drink water while standing without taking second thought for our health.
Standing and drinking water can disrupt the balance of fluids in your body and even lead to the reason for arthritis.
So try to first sit and then drink water for your good health.

Drink Room Temperature Water

I love to drink cold or chilled water in summer but is it right for our health?
Well, we all love to have chilled water and feels good in summer but it is actually harmful to our health too. Consumption of cold water can decrease the blood supply to various organs of the body which can further lead to constipation, improper Digestion, bloating etc.
Drinking normal room temperature water will benefit you in weight loss, gives you relief in pain and bloating.
So don’t think much and start avoiding the consumption of chilled water.

How we can consume water in a day?

1. After waking up, make a habit to drink the water first to activate the organs and will help to remove any toxins before going for your first meal.

2. You should drink water either 1 hour after your meal or 30mins before the meal to improve your digestion.

3. If you are patient of high Blood Pressure then you should drink one glass of water before going for a shower as it will lower down your blood pressure.

4. At last, make a habit to drink a glass of water 1 hour before going to bed to replenish any fluid loss that can occur during the night.

Drinking water is important but how you are drinking is more important. So, I hope now you will take care of your health and spread this awareness with family and friends.
Stay safe, JAI HIND??

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