Dalhousie To Sach Pass With Best Friend – Part 3
1 Oct 2020

Dalhousie To Sach Pass With Best Friend – Part 3

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Before starting the 3rd part of my story, If you are a new reader and love to read real stories then I request you to first read the PART 1 and PART 2 of the story to enjoy the full story.

In this last part of my story, I wanted to confess something and wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. During this trip, I have learned many things in terms of friendship.

It is very easy to make new friends but maintaining friendship is really difficult. Some people have lots of friends but, they are alone and no one to share their thoughts. Some people have amazing friends but they never value friendship.

These were the things I felt during the trip. I felt the bond we share, the understanding we have for each other, value and respect we give to each other and to our friendship. I’m thankful to God that a guy who had no friend in school now got a friend who has actually filled and healed the wound of a guy who has left every hope that he can never have a friend. The Special Character of my life- SANYAM JAIN. 

Ok ok, let’s not divert the feeling and get back to the best part of my travel story with my best friend.

My Dream Place – Sach Pass

As we have read in the earlier part, we were having dinner and a guy came to us asked, if we were interested in going to Sach Pass. The time he said I confirmed my entry. Probably that was the best night of my trip, a place where I always wish to visit. Finally, I was getting a chance to explore my dream place, Sach Pass.

We were 6 people who took no time to confirm for Sach Pass organized and managed by Zostel. We were told to get ready by 5:30 AM and by 6 in the morning we left. Me and Sanyam (best friend) were super excited and we were on our bed by 11:30 PM.

The Super Day

I was so excited that I woke up at 4 AM and got ready by 5. Hopefully, everyone was on time and ready to explore. We started our journey exactly at 6 in the morning. It took 6 hours from Dalhousie to reach Sach Pass.

When you get what you dreamed for is the best feeling you can have and that time I was actually feeling Incredible. I was sitting at the front seat, clicking pictures, making videos, Instagram stories and enjoying every single minute of my trip. 

The route is stunning and adventurous, In between the route, we have to cross a dam which is restricted for any photography and videography, I don’t know why but it’s a high-security area managed by the army. I was totally unaware and keep on clicking the pictures. 

Suddenly, army personnel stopped our car, he came to me and scolded. For me there’s nothing bigger than the security of my country, I deleted every picture I took of that place. 

Later I apologized the army man and on a positive note, we were out from that place. I got scared that time and all my excitement got to normal after this incident. 

The reason I call Sach Pass my dream destination is that this place is located at the altitude of 14,480 ft with bumpy Off-road and incredible view. Sach pass comes under one of the most adventurous places of India. We took a break, had our breakfast and around 12 we reached the destination Sach Pass.

Though we were just 8 km away from the main point of Sach Pass, the place is magical and everywhere you will only see snow. There was a waterfall covered with snow, the day was sunny and the weather was not cold yet pleasant, everything was making me feel like I was in Heaven. We couldn’t make it to the top because the road was blocked by snow and BRO (Border Road Organization) were doing their work to open the route. 

This is a place which opens only for 2 months and it again got covered with snow. As we were exploring the place, the JCB’s were removing the snow, I got an adventurous Idea. I requested the JCB uncle to lift us down on the road where he has removed the snow. 

He agreed and lifted us down one by one, it was another memorable moment of my trip. We explored the place and by 3 PM we were out from this beautiful heaven. We took a halt for Maggi and we were back to Zostel by 9 Pm.

I don’t know for now but that day the taxi person took ₹1300 per person and it was actually worth it. We then 4 of us went to Kwality restaurant (the only place where you get good food) for dinner. The food was good and we enjoyed the time. As we were exhausted by travelling, we freshen up, laid down on the bed and the adventurous day ends.

Time To Check Out

The next morning, we had breakfast, made the drawing on the wall, said the last goodbye to new friends and Zostel staff and we checked out from the place with lots of beautiful memories. The same day at 11 PM, we reached our house with lots of memories and a stronger bond.

The trip cost us around ₹11,000 each for 4 days 3 night from Delhi to Dalhousie and back to Delhi and this trip with my best friend worth it.

Stay Safe, Value Relations, JAI HIND??

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