Auli- An Unforgettable New Year Trip
3 Sep 2020

Auli- An Unforgettable New Year Trip

Post by Tejasv Sharma

After planning and researching about the mini Switzerland of India, we found out Auli ( Uttarakhand ) for our new year trip.
Getting updates from internet and television about the weather of that place we are ready with our own tent to camp in Auli, but by the time we got so many twists in our trip that makes our trip and New Year even more memorable.
Most of the people are in search of how to reach Auli? How is the route condition? How is the climate condition? Where to stay? Where to eat ? And so on, we also have the same issues.
So we decided to start our journey in our own car.

Day 1

We started on the 29th of Dec at 7 p.m, though it’s a little bit late to start but what to do ( dost kamine hote hai ).
We start rolling our car from Delhi to Ghaziabad routing our car towards Haridwar highway ( it feels safe to go from this route at night ).
We decided to drive the whole night to reach there in the morning.
At 1 a.m., as we reached Rishikesh, we were stopped by BRO ( Border road organization ). They told us that the route is not good to move ahead and the road only open from 4 a.m. – 8 p.m. So we took a rest till 4 a.m.

Day 2

On the 30th of Dec, at 4 a.m. we wake up and started our journey again towards Auli. As we were moving we met with so many religious places like Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag (where Mandakini and Alaknanda rivers meet ), Karn Prayag which is full of beauty and big mountains. Let’s not going into the brief, we safely reached Joshimath at 4 p.m.
We took almost 21 hrs to reach as we were stopped in Rishikesh, then half of the road condition is under process by char Dham Yojna and at last beautiful sceneries made us stop our car to view it.
When we reached Joshimath, we don’t have any idea about this place.
We thought that we will take a ropeway and will do a camp in Auli but we saw that only who have bookings in Auli can have a ticket after 2 p.m. unless have to stand in line early in the morning. 
Second, we got no hotels in Joshimath as most of them are fully packed and star hotels were not in our budget, so trapped in what to do situation.
Yes someone said if there is a will, there is away.
We met a local and owner of a restaurant in Joshimath. He understood our condition and helped us by giving a place with an idea to place our camp near his property.
We got relief and rested that night in Joshimath in our tents.

Day 3

Date 31st, It’s time to wake up with new hope and excitement. With uncomfortable sleep in a tent but with energy to visit Auli, we wake up at 6 a.m. with a thought that we have to take token no. for ropeway and need approval from the forest department for camping because locals who have their own private land were not giving us space for camping.
It’s about 10 in the morning and all tickets were sold, with another disappointing thing happened, forest department didn’t give us approval as they are saying that you should have one guide with you then only they can place a tent.
We were thinking that this trip is going to be Bad Trip, but again that local of that same restaurant came to help us.
He adjusted our Ropeway tickets for no extra cost i.e. (₹750) and managed to place our camp near to his friend’s canteen just for ₹500, where rest was taking ₹2000 per person including everything ( tent, food, etc ).
At last, we reached the desired destination at 3:10 p.m. Stopping at the last stop ( Ropeway Tower 10 ).
Its was like a dream come true to me as its one of my dream to tent over there.
Wasting no extra time we went out towards jungle for snow as at tower 10 there was a little bit of snow available.
After hiking for 1 hr we found a temple, we rested there for 10 mins then again started our hiking toward the top where snow is available.
After hiking for 1/2 hr more we saw beautiful plain covered with snow all over with exceptional view in the front.
We reached at 5 p.m. when the sun is about to set and it will get dark soon.
Taking some pictures and feeling the nature we decided to go back towards tower no. 10.
The place becomes dark and I have no experience trekking in dark and too with snow which becomes even more slippery.
We started our journey towards our camp, a little bit worried that we should not go towards a different route.
Everything becomes so dark, I was not able to see anything, but I had my head torch. I lighten it up and saw some people and a guide with them. I shouted aloud, they stopped for us to come. I took a breath of relief.
The weather becomes much colder than daytime, my friends slipped many times but safely reached to the canteen.
Canteen owner gave us a place to set up our tent, we placed everything and now its time for dinner.
After dinner when I went outside of the tent, the view was incredible like I was in heaven, the sky full of stars and a moon looking so beautiful that I can’t forget the picture taken from my eyes.
Next day was a new year and I was waiting to awake till 12 a.m. to wish my friends but slept I don’t know when and the day beautifully end.

Day 4

HAPPY NEW YEAR! , Its time awake and celebrate the day. I woke up at 5 in the morning, Nandadevi Peak was looking so awesome as you can check out in pictures ( THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MORNING OF MY NEW YEAR ).
I took my camera and tripod out from my camp start shooting it. The weather was near to 0°, freezing cold strong winds striking me and made my hands froze as I was not able to press the button properly.
The night was manageable though. I was in full energy and enthusiasm waiting for the sun to rise. I have clicked some shots of the sunrise. After everything happened I took my breakfast ( alu ki sabzi and puri ) while enjoying the view.
At 11 a.m. we checked out from AULI  and reached Joshimath by the same ropeway and after thanking that local person we left that place for our home.


This Trip cost me around ₹4000 per person including diesel, Ropeway tickets, food, stay, toll and Lil bit of shopping.


If you are planning to visit this place, surely it’s worth it. Auli will not disappoint your happiness and excitement for an amazing view and other activities and facilities.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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