Apple HomePod Mini vs Amazon Echo, Which one you should Buy?
2 Nov 2020

Apple HomePod Mini vs Amazon Echo, Which one you should Buy?

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Apple, at last, has launched the most awaited HomePod Mini with iPhone 12 series in ₹10,000 (﹩99) bracket to give competition to the existing Market leaders Google and Amazon
Well, it is said that Amazon Alexa is more précised and listen accurate of Indian accent and even understand Hindi of our tone. Apart from Apple launched its new device, Amazon has also come up with new Amazon Echo Fourth Generation.
In this blog, we are going to discuss whether Amazon still will be a market leader or Apple HomePod Mini will have some great potential to give tough competition to Amazon as well as Google.

Amazon Echo (2020 version)

If you have used or listened to the Alexa then you know the accuracy of this device. This time, Amazon has really done a great job by improving more naturalistic speech, home security features and predictive smart home control which make this device much more superior than any other device available in the market. It is also said that Amazon Alexa is made according to the Indian voice and consider pitch and tone in a much better way than any other device.
Amazon Echo 4th generation though come up with the same 3-inch woofer as the previous 3rd generation Echo but this time have added second 0.8-inch tweeter which means you will get the much better sound quality that in terms of base and lower-range mids are richer and stronger, making it the best device at the price range of ₹10,000.

Apple HomePod Mini

Due to overpriced HomePod (thought have the best sound) Apple needs to have a little brother of HomePod and this fall they have come up with the new HomePod Mini. The best thing is that HomePod Mini has been launched at the price range of ₹10,000 (﹩99) bracket to give tough completion to the industry leader Amazon and Google.
With a great sound quality that can fill an ok sized room wit music has rich 360-degree audio and can be connected with multiple HomePod Mini speakers places around the house and can also be used in the party by pairing multiple HomePod Mini with each other.
For music, Siri works with Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Radio.com and TuneIn and you also connect the device with your smartphone through Bluetooth to listen to your music and Podcast.

Image: Apple Website

Which one you Should Buy? HomePod Mini or Amazon Echo

If you are a big Apple user then definitely you will prefer SIRI more than any smart devices but smartness of these devices doesn’t end here. If you are an iPhone user then you can easily connect with Alexa or any other devices and same goes with HomePod Mini.
Both the Devices have Bluetooth built-in so that you can connect and play your favourite music anytime. If I talk about HomePod Mini then according to the India voice assistance, Siri lacks a little than Alexa as it is designed according to Indian in natural language recognition and is more precise than Siri.
Though HomePod is one of the best smart speakers at this price range as I personally using the 2nd generation Echo, I’m very satisfied how it catches my words precisely and even understand the Hindi language more accurately. So verdict goes for Amazon Echo 4th generation as it has a lot to offer and understand more accurately to Indians.

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