An Unexpected Trip to Mussoorie in this Pandemic | Part 1
8 Oct 2020

An Unexpected Trip to Mussoorie in this Pandemic | Part 1

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Let’s the Journey from Delhi To Mussoorie

A guy who loves to travel and now it’s more than 7 months sitting at home is not less than jail for him. After such a long time, from somewhere he got a hope to travel Kedarnath and somehow cancelled is not less than a nightmare for anyone who is waiting to travel after 7 long months. 

With no such plan, On 1st of October, I got a chance to travel to a place I always love, a trip to Mussoorie. There was no such to travel as one friend (Manish) of our 3 Idiot group was made the trip with cousin and Jijaji.

Another friend of our group (Himanshu) and I was thinking that we left alone as Manish was travelling with his cousin. We thought of some plan but cancelled with a thought that there will be no fun if we will be only 2. 

How the unexpected trip was planned?- PART 1

On the 31st of September, we made a casual meet at night to chill and chit-chat and with no such expectations, we started talking about the planning of the trip. 

Someone said it right ‘If you want something you should have a pure desire to have that thing’. I was eagerly waiting to travel and somehow I was feeling that my wish is about to fulfil.

During the conservation as we started the discussion on the planing of the trip, I and Himanshu asked the friend if it is possible to join. As most of the trip, we made together so Manish was also curious if we can join him.

Let’s make a try, we started searching and calling the hotel, cousin and jijaji and hopefully we were getting the positive news from everywhere. We had talked with the hotel and they helped us in filling the online registration form which is required to enter the Uttarakhand state. The time was around was 10 PM when we submitted the form. It was like we were actually travelling to Mussoorie, a group of 3 idiots are travelling after so long.

The day before the Trip 

We guys were so excited that we got only 1 day to think about what to take, how we should do the packing, which clothes we can take for twinning cards guitar etc. It was a 2-day trip so I was not worried about my outfit and I packed my bag, took the hookah and guitar to make the trip even more memorable.

The whole day went with planning and packing and we were all set to roll for the trip. To reach Mussoorie on time we decided to get out of the house at 5 in the morning so that we can spend more time at Mussoorie.

What happened the next day, are we on time, and what adventure we faced, we will read in the next part of this story. Till then if you like the Part 1 of the trip to Mussoorie then do let me know and if you want to connect with me, you can contact me on Instagram and Facebook and share your views and share your own story if you have travelled on an unexpected trip like me and I would listen to your experience of that trip. 

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Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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