An unexpected trip to Mussoorie in this pandemic | Part 3
22 Oct 2020

An unexpected trip to Mussoorie in this pandemic | Part 3

Post by Tejasv Sharma

A beautiful Trip To Mussoorie

Sometime situation comes when you need a break from everything, everyone, to just get out from normal life, from that situation. Everyone has a bad situation and want to get out of it so I do by travelling. Running from the situation isn’t great but taking a break can give the clue to overcome from the situation. Due to my friend I was able to travel after 7 long months. 

Travelling is my hobby, it makes me refresh. Maybe it’s a coincidence or what but whenever I travel, every time I got the answers to my problems. So at one part, I do travelling in search of the meaning of life and the other, the time I got to explore, see, communicate with people, learn, this makes me more neutral and happy.

Before sharing you the next part of the story, you must read the first two parts, ( Part-1 ) and ( Part-2 ) to get more interest in my travel story, how I travelled to Mussoorie unexpectedly.

Part 3

The journey started from Dehradun

After taking blessings from Lord Shiva at Tapkeshwar Mahadev, we started our journey to Mussoorie. We were a group of six people and have two cars. We, three idiots, were in one car and friend’s cousin is in other. The date was 2nd of October with a long weekend ahead, we were pretty sure that we will be getting crowd and traffic in Mussoorie but as we started to roll on the mountains we got a huge traffic jam. 

Later we got to know that the road is broken and only one car at a time can cross. It was around 3 and we reached Mussoorie, we checked in the hotel, unpack our bag, freshen up, had lunch and started playing cards. Some have a beer in hand and some with hookah and coffee. I was at the balcony, watching and feeling the beautiful view of mighty mountains. After so long I was meeting with my love (Mountains). I was breathing cold fresh air with a view of snow-capped Himalayas and was thinking that at last, I’m here ‘Unexpectedly’. 

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Lal Tibba For Sunset 

I was curious to watch the sunset and three of us got ready to see and the three chose to rest. The time was around 5 in the evening and we went out of the hotel for Lal Tibba. when we reached the Picture Palace road (the other side of Mall road of Mussoorie), some local said not to go ahead due to traffic. 

The main problem to reach Lal Tibba is that the Road is narrow and only one car can cross at a time. If we trapped in jam, it means enjoy in jam for hours. Disappointingly, We took the U-turn and went back to the hotel. 

I don’t know what it is but If I include myself then there is something in Delhi people that whenever they get a holiday, they run from Delhi to the nearest tourist destinations and I’m one of them. It was around 6 and we decided to go for a walk on Mall road. The place was fully packed with Delhi people. The Mall road was looking not less than a fish market.

We stopped at my favourite cafe, Cafe By The Way. I had hot Cafe Mocha and I must say you should try it. This place serves the best coffee in Mussoorie, if you like coffee then you must visit this place. 

By the night we came back, had dinner in our hotel and were ready to rock the party. After the amazing party, before going to sleep we decided to wake up at 5 in the morning and visit Lal Tibba in the morning for the sunrise view.

This is it for part 3, I thought I will wrap up the story in this part only but there are so many things that happened that I decided to cover in the next part. What happened the next morning, how was the experience in Lal Tibba and what we did the whole day in Mussoorie and what was the total expense? I’m gonna share with you all. Till then wait for the next part and enjoy life.

Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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