A Trip To Dalhousie With Best Friend
17 Sep 2020

A Trip To Dalhousie With Best Friend

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Have You ever got a chance to plan a trip with your best friend, If yes then comment down below. I also got a chance to travel with my best friend. Most of my trips are planned on the spot.
It was a usual day, I and my friend were talking about our fucked up life and work and got an Idea ‘ why not to escape in the Himalayas ‘. With mutual acceptance, we on the spot planned the trip, pack the bags and were out in the evening.
It’s very unusual that we get the chance to travel on the spot with best friends, nowadays everyone is busy in there life and work. Have you got the chance to travel like me with your best friend?
If yes then you will gonna love and relate your story with mine as well.


Day 1

The time was around 2 PM when we were planning the trip and we were out by 5 PM. As I mostly do budget trips but with my Best friend his presence is the main priority. What is the use of your earning if you have not spent with your bestie?
In between the route we took a halt and decided, rather drive the whole night, we should take rest in Ludhiana and the next morning we will be out for Dalhousie.
That time the elections were near and we were being checked so many times like we are the terrorist ( LOL ). We had our hookah in our car so little concerned that something should not get odd, but after checking we entered into Ludhiana city.
It was around 9:30 PM, we first had the amazing Pizza at Canadian Pizza ( literally you will love it ), explored Kipps Market and checked in to the hotel.
As we are night owls but we decided to sleep and according to the plan we have to wake up at 5 in the morning.

Day 2

Unexpectedly we both woke up at 5 AM, That time I was thinking about how we can wake up at 5 but with excitement we did.
It was a sunny morning we checked out from the hotel at 6:30 AM and started our journey to Dalhousie. The police have again checked us, we were safely out of the city.
Before reaching Jalandhar we had breakfast in McD and the check post was in front of us. This time the checking has something more, cool, the cops were clicking pictures. I understand that before the elections, lots of illegal things are transferred and happened but seriously that time I was thinking why they need our photo with the car. ( weirdly understanding the scenario). This scenario continued till we crossed Pathankot and entered in Himachal Pradesh.

Dalhousie is about 60 km away from Pathankot and we were bang on plan. Though we were exploring Dalhousie for the first time, we planned to check out some budget and good quality hotel with an exceptional view.
And thus we luckily found Zostel which is 4 km away from the hill station, yet in the laps of nature and completely out from the city noise.
At last at 11 AM, we reached the Zostel, took our bed, had our lunch and enjoyed the view with a cold breeze and a coffee in hand.

What we did later I’m gonna tell you in my next blog, till then stay tuned and If you liked my journey and if there is something you want to share with me, then feel free to contact me on my Insta page.

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