5 Things You Should Not Do While Marketing On Social Media
4 Oct 2020

5 Things You Should Not Do While Marketing On Social Media

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Today, If you want to grow in the market or want to be a public figure or grow your business then the only social platform can give you result in you want. Social Media has become a part of our life and also act as a marketing tool to grow.

It requires perfect plan and confidence to showcase your brand in an attractive way that People figure you as a trusted brand with good goodwill. While marketing in a social media platform, everyone has there own technique to showcase the product, but no-one is perfect and makes mistakes in marketing. 

In this blog, I’m going to tell you about the things you should not do or can’t forget before market your product or brand.

1. Marketing your Business without Strategy

A business without a strategy or plan will lead you nowhere in the market. The plan outlines your goals as a company and helps in faster growth of your business. Your content is worthless if you don’t know how and where to market. 

For this you should take care of some facts:

1. You should know your targeted audience at a different platform so as to make the effecting reach of your business in the market.

2. It’s very important to schedules your content 

3. You should take care of communication tactics

4. Whenever you are marketing, always check the time you invested for that content.

2. Never Ignore Negative Feedback

Most of the people do this blunder of ignoring the negative comment and lose their prominent customers. Negative feedback is a free tool of knowing what the public wants, where you can improve and sometimes gives you an idea to resolve the issue.

Whenever you get negative feedback, you should always be honest to the customer. If there is any fault from your side then accept it, your customer will appreciate your honesty.

3. Don’t forget to Edit before you Market

Your brand can become a joke on social media if you don’t focus on edit part of your content. The editing part is so important that miscommunication information can change the way your customer view your brand. 

So before marketing your product or brand, make sure to edit the content in a way that it should not harm the goodwill of your brand.

4. Be Cool Rather Too formal 

When you are at the workplace it’s important to be professional but on Social media platforms you can let your hairs down. Most of the engaging public on social media are young and they love to relax and have fun. 

So try to make a content which contains tasteful humour, personal anecdotes, content which include audience interaction, memes that poke fun at your brand etc. You will get more engagement if you work according to customer demands.

5. Monitoring Automated Tool is must 

To grow the business, most of the people use automated tools to ease their work by posting o content automatically at a specific time. But the one should also be updated from the current situation and should change the content schedule accordingly. 

For example, as a blogger, I have already scheduled the post and if something really big happened then I can change the schedule and cover the recent update. Likewise, you should always monitor the automated tools and should change the schedule of your content if necessary.

Stay Safe, Jai Hind??

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