5 Simple Steps to Stay Healthy and Fit.
29 Aug 2020

5 Simple Steps to Stay Healthy and Fit.

Post by Tejasv Sharma

During this COVID-19 lockdown, many of us actually partied by eating our favourite food, sitting and enjoying the time at home. Even my friend’s mom got frustrated by making my friend’s favourite dishes every day( Jokes apart it’s me ), thanks to lockdown, I gained 6kgs and become Overweight. I can imagine the smile on your face too coz my story somewhere relates to your story. So I have come up with some simple steps by which you will be able to lose weight and become healthy without sacrificing your favourite food. I have lost 8kgs by working on these basic steps.

In this blog, I’ll be covering glimpse of some point which we never care in our daily routine and we will cover in details in my next blog coz they actually need a specific post. 

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1. Your Dedication For Yourself

No one can motivate you or transform you unless you want to make the change in your life and want to do something for you which differentiates you from others. Recognition comes with focusing your desired goals.

If you want success in your life, either in business or personal health or any of your interest in which you think that you can make a better future, Dedication towards your goal is a must. 

So first plan your mind either you want to change your life in a way you want and inspire others or take a bag of doubts for the future and do nothing in the present.

Choice is Yours 

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2. Time

Time plays the most important role in your life. If I talk about personal health or losing weight, your diet is waste if you have not taken your food on time. If you are in a habit of missing your breakfast and loves to eat late-night snacks then this will affect your body in gaining weight slowly and steadily. 

Consuming Food on time will even help you in improving the metabolism of your body, your mental health and many more.

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3. Diet

If you have learned how to manage your time for your work and other daily routines, you can easily maintain your diet and will be a step ahead in losing weight.

It is said that your diet plays 70% and exercise 30% role in losing your weight and help you become fit and healthy.

Make a plan what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and ask yourself a question that do you really need that food at this time or its just a greed for food. You have to decide and eat perspectively.

4. Sleep

In today’s time how many youngsters sleep early? Earlier I also used to sleep late, probably at 4 in the morning or even sometimes miss the sleep but will it affects my health.

Many of my friends told the fact that people who do not sleep at night are more intelligent than people who sleep. Ok just in case if I agree on the fact then what is the use of the intelligence if you have sacrificed the health. 

So try to sleep early and wake up early in the morning and schedule your time for your diet and other works.

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5. Healthy Mind 

Stress contributes to more than 70% in gaining your weight and welcoming other chronic diseases too. You get no results if you just think and take stress, rather try to be Optimistic towards life and your goals. Your positive mind will give you better results in a workout.

Readout or watch content of your role model, create and positive thinking and work on it.  The more you make yourself cool like M.S. Dhoni, the more will be the chances to succeed. 

So stay calm and work on your goals. JAI HIND??

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