5 Simple Steps To Grow and Market Your Instagram Account
6 Sep 2020

5 Simple Steps To Grow and Market Your Instagram Account

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Instagram is one of the most loved social media platforms with more than 800 million monthly active users and more than 400 million daily active users on the site.
Instagram is not just a social platform, it has become the platform of business opportunities and grow your business. Everyone loves to have thousands of followers and feel like a celebrity. Become an influencer, gather collaborations and grow your presence on Instagram.
So I’m going to share some techniques which will help you market your business and your account.

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Change to Business Account

The first step to growing your account and think about marketing plans is switching your current profile to a Business account. You can easily change by going to the settings and click on “Switch to Business Profile”
The benefit of switching to a business profile is you can create and publish Instagram ads without using Facebook’s advertising tools.

Optimize your Bio

Mostly, famous accounts on Instagram have appealing Bio, attractive profile and a good responsive website. So start with this very first step of making your Bio descriptive, appealing and you can even use emojis if you like it.

Use Free tools

The first free tool to check your engagements and insights of your post is already provided by Instagram. It’s best to check how your post is performing, reaches you get and what are the other things to increase our engagement in your next post.
So for this, it’s better to view the statistics of your post to how quickly and easily.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Each day, tons of hashtags are created and used with a thought to increase the engagement in public. But before that, you should know what Hashtags you should use to get an effective engagement.
Try to choose Hashtags that are related to your post, make a choice to add 10 most popular hashtags in your niche post then 10 popular hashtags and the rest 10 growing hashtags, you get more chance to get featured from small growing Hashtags.

Connect with People

To grow quickly on Instagram or at any other platform, you need to communicate with the people. After completing the basic things, I think communication is the only source which makes you stand in the market, for this how we can communicate?
Well, at first Follow search your work-related accounts and figure out the reason of there growth.
Comment on their posts and direct message with an appealing line so they can have a look on your profile.
Try to make good relations and ask for shoutouts from them. Example, If a person is a big fashion influencer and he is giving you a shoutout then from the total of his followings at least 20% will check your post and might be possible they will follow.
If your content is good then you might be able to get organic shoutouts simply by building good relationships with influencers or popular accounts related to your category

My Verdict

It’s possible to grow on Instagram or create a benchmark, you just need to have good content with a knowledge of how to market your content and build relationships with people and society of Instagram. So bang on with the steps I shared with you and start working on your account.

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