5 Pubg Mobile Alternative Games You Can Download
4 Sep 2020

5 Pubg Mobile Alternative Games You Can Download

Post by Tejasv Sharma

Under the surveillance of Shri Narendra Modi, the Ministry of Information and technology bans more 118 china based apps including most popular and loved game Pubs Mobile on Wednesday. You still find these apps on google play and apple app store but will be removed soon from these platforms.
Pubg Mobile which has millions of downloads and active users will be going to have a big loss from India.

Though the desktop version of this game is still working but till when only god and Narendra Modi Ji knows. A game that will be found in almost every phone of Indian is no more in the list of best royal games in India.
So I’m gonna share some alternative battle royal games with you that you can play and enjoy the time with superior graphics and performance.

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One of the best Battle royal game and alternative game in the market that can compete Pubg Mobile in terms of graphics and has millions of downloads and active users.

This game is currently not available in Google Play but you can download by going to there website epicgames.com from computer, open Fortnite.com/android on an android device, scan the code and you can easily download.

This game is free and can be played with friends. Another cool thing is that this game is cross-platform which means friends can compete against each other from different platform i.e. Playstation and Xbox.

Call of duty

One of the oldest game is a Pubg Mobile alternative, like me as 90s kid grew up playing call of duty deathmatches and search and destroy modes has a different feeling connected with this game. This game is like Pubg Mobile and Fortnite in which unto 100 players play in a match with identifiable characters and guns. This game is highly responsive with amazing graphics will fall you in love with this game.
Call of duty is available in both google play store and Apple App store for free. So without wasting time download and enjoy the game.

Garena Free Fire

This game is launched in 2017, less popular than any other battle royal games, I feel this game more like the copy of Pubg Mobile. You will be dropped from the plane with 49 others in a match, can drive a car, pick up different guns and play as we play.

Yes, the game has only 50 layers and last up to 10 mins a match.
The graphics of this game is good not the best like Fortnite and Call of Duty and can be played solo or in a group of four.

Knives out

A Pubg Mobile alternative game that takes only 600mb space of your phone, released in 2017 is an Indian Multi-player battle royal game that can be played with 100 online players in a match is also a good option to enjoy gaming.

Battle Royal 3d- Warrior63

Another alternative of Pubg Mobile is a small battle royal game that takes only 99mb on your android device and 318mb space on IOS, though has ok graphics just like Pubg, it includes maps, parachute, guns etc and you can play solo.
If you are from those who always lack space in the phone then you can play this game and enjoy.

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