5 Easiest Steps To Make MOMO At Home
16 Sep 2020

5 Easiest Steps To Make MOMO At Home

Post by Tejasv Sharma

If you are thinking of making Steam Momo, then I must say you are an artist. A food which is originated from Nepal and now every single person is mad for MOMO in Delhi. I can understand how much you guys missed momo as I’m one of you, during the lockdown and till now it not safe to eat outside.
So first, I tried it by myself, as I’m Lazy so I made the recipe super easy and quick. In this blog I’m going to share about steamed Momo, How much time it took, what are the ingredients I added and what was my experience of Homemade Steamed MOMO.
Here we go Step by Step.

STEP 1 – Dough for MOMO

The very first step of making a MOMO is making a dough.
1. Take a mixing bowl to add 2 cups Maida and 1/2 tsp salt. Add water and start kneading the dough till it becomes soft and smooth by adding required water.
2. When you are satisfied with softball made of maida then grease the dough well with oil and give it a rest and cover it with a cloth for about 30 mins.
Till the dough is resting, we will head on to next step.

Step 2 – Prepare Stuffing

Most of vegetarian Momo lover loves the vegetable stuffing in momo.
1. So what we are going to do at first is we have to chop the vegetables, for me my mother help me in chopping.
2. We can take a garlic clove and finely chopped ginger or if you want to make it simple then take a ginger garlic paste which is easily available in the market.
3. Take a pan and heat 3 tsp oil or butter and sauté 2 clove garlic with some chopped garlic and some green chilli if you want spicy.
4. Add 2 tbsp chopped onions and sauté. when the onion becomes golden, add 1 cup carrot and 2 cup cabbage, mix and stir it well on high flame.
5. Add 1/2 tsp black pepper and 1/2 tsp salt. Make the vegetable Lil raw so that it shouldn’t taste like sabzi.

What did I add in Stuffing?
My stuffing is a little strange and different from the traditional veg Momo.
I mashed the paneer, add some sweet corns ( boiled ),
oreganos and mozzarella cheese and mix it well.
This is the simplest yet wonderful stuffing I can make.

Step 3 – MOMO Sheet

1. I think you will take less time in making my stuffing but after waiting for at least 30 mins, take the dough and knead it again for a minute.
2. Pinch some dough and make a small ball of it. Flatten it, dust some maida and start rolling it.
3. Now place the stuffing in the middle of maida sheet and start pleating the edges and join all the pleats together.

Step 4 – Steam Process

1. If you don’t the steamer then obviously you have to get it first ( Joking ) or else you can also use idli pan or pressure cooker to steam.
2. Grease some oil on streamer pan and put Momo on it.
3. Cover it and stream for at least 8-10 minutes unless maida layer will not cook well. Cook until the layer become Lil transparent.

Step 5 – A Fruit of Hard-work is Ready

Open the pan and touch the momo, if you don’t feel it sticky then take it out, your MOMO is ready.
Serve with homemade chilly sauce or if you want something simpler then you can have chilli sauce or schezwan sauce or Maggi hot and sweet sauce whichever you like.
Enjoy hot and fresh homemade veg MOMO and tease others.

Eat Good, Stay Safe, JAI HIND??

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